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AFC Playoff Picture: Steelers still in a good position to make the postseason

The Pittsburgh Steelers are on a nasty skid, but their playoff hopes remain alive and well.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Pittsburgh Steelers Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

A team who is 4-5, losing 4 games in a row, isn’t likely to be in contention for a playoff spot, right?


The Pittsburgh Steelers, who are currently in the aforementioned position described, is still very much alive in the AFC Playoff Picture, even at 4-5. Now, to be honest, as the NFL season progresses, their avenue to the postseason looks more like three lanes merging into one on a major highway, but at least their is still an option and not a dead end.

What do I mean? It is looking more and more like the only way Pittsburgh will make the postseason is if they win the AFC North. With several other teams, especially the extremely solid AFC West, all sporting much better records, it would require monumental collapses, and Pittsburgh playing flawless football, for them to secure a spot other than with the 4th seed, by way of winning their division.

While fans longed for a first round bye and home field advantage, winning the division still would get the team a home game, where the Steelers play extremely well, and the chance to make their mark in the win-or-go-home playoff scenario.

With no further is the current AFC Playoff Picture after Week 10 of the NFL season officially concluded.

1. New England Patriots - 7-2 - BYE

2. Kansas City Chiefs - 7-2 - BYE

3. Houston Texans - 6-3
5. Denver Broncos - 7-3

4. Baltimore Ravens - 5-4
6. Oakland Raiders - 7-2

7. Miami Dolphins - 5-4
8. Tennessee Titans - 5-5
9. Pittsburgh Steelers - 4-5
10. Indianapolis Colts - 4-5
11. Buffalo Bills - 4-5
12. San Diego Chargers - 4-6
13. Cincinnati Bengals - 3-5-1

By looking at the current playoff picture, it becomes evident just how the Steelers control their own destiny within the division. 4 of their final 7 games come against AFC North competition, and two of those are against the winless Cleveland Browns.

When you are sitting at 4-5, and the 6th seed in the playoff picture is 7-2, the thought of sneaking in as a wild card certainly doesn’t seem like it is in the cards for the 2016 Pittsburgh Steelers.