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Pittsburgh Steelers Mount Rushmore: Rookie Sensations

Which four players had the finest rookie years in Steeler history? You tell us.

Pepsi NFL Rookie of the Year Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images

Just like Cabbage Patch Kids, Furby, Tickle Me Elmo and the Razor scooter make up the Mount Rushmore of holiday gift crazes, there are many foursomes in Steelers Nation lore yet to be decided.

Last time, we examined the four greatest backup QBs of all time in Pittsburgh. There was some debate here due to some of them starting for a majority of their career, but Charlie Batch, Mike Tomczak, Joe Gilliam and Terry Hanratty garnered the most votes.

With the Steelers getting favorable performances from four of their 2016 draft picks, it makes me reminisce about the greatest rookie years in team history. In NFL history, Ben Roethlisberger probably makes this list. So it's a no-brainer that Big Ben occupies the No. 1 spot in this particular category for his 2004 debut.

So in the spirit of Stephen Keaton, Jason Seaver, Cliff Huxtable and Al Bundy making up the greatest TV dads of the 1980s, we at BTSC let you the fan decide who indeed would make up the Mount Rushmore of rookie sensations in Pittsburgh Steelers history.

Vote in the comment section below and we will unveil our latest Steeler monument next week.