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With their 600th win on Christmas Day, the Steelers join elite NFL company

Steelers are only the 4th NFL franchise ever to reach the 600-win mark.

During the incredible excitement and outright ecstasy accompanying the thrilling climax of the Pittsburgh Steelers’ 31-27 victory over the Baltimore Ravens at Heinz Field on Christmas Day, another milestone was reached that speaks to the storied history of the team that Art Rooney, Sr. built. This crucial victory marks the 600th all-time win for the Steelers, which underscores the fact that Pittsburgh ranks No. 4 in wins among all NFL franchises.

The Chicago Bears lead this elite pack with an incredible 744 wins, followed by the Green Bay Packers at 729 and the New York Giants at 683. With 586 all-time wins, the Washington Redskins are the No. 5 franchise behind the Steelers.

Particularly when considering the Steelers’ well-known futility on the gridiron in the first four decades of their existence, reaching this milestone speaks to the outstanding success of the Steelers organization during the modern era of pro football, beginning with Chuck Noll and extending through the regimes of Bill Cowher and Mike Tomlin.

The fact that the Steelers’ 600th win has clinched a divisional title and punched their ticket to the playoffs seems a fitting tribute to the Rooney family and to the values of consistency and integrity which they have always represented. In years to come, when people talk about the greatest sports towns in history, the Rooneys’ lifelong dedication to their beloved Steelers has ensured that Pittsburgh always will be part of that conversation.