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Giants WR Odell Beckham Jr. points to officiating, not Steelers, after Week 13 loss

The Pittsburgh Steelers handily beat the Giants in Week 13, but if you ask Odell Beckham Jr. he says it is because of the officials.

NFL: New York Giants at Pittsburgh Steelers Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

Some might say it is a “cop out” for just a bad game.

Some might call it crying over spilled milk.

And some might just call it flat out excuse making.

Whatever you want to call it, after the Pittsburgh Steelers beat the New York Giants 24-14 at Heinz Field in Week 13 wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. had some choice words regarding the officiating.

Take a look at the video:

Instead of giving specific examples of what went wrong, Beckham strictly said he doesn’t think the Giants should have this officiating crew again.

To his credit, there were some questionable calls on both sides of the ball for both teams; however, if the officiating has been anything it has been consistent. Consistently bad.

If he feels the calls were one-sided, they would have been one-sided against the Steelers.

Pittsburgh was penalized 12 times for 115 yards, while the Giants only had 4 penalties for 24 yards. I’m assuming the man they call ‘OBJ’ is pointing to non calls, but there were plenty of those on both sides on Sunday evening.

Regardless, the Steelers now have won 3 games in a row and the Giants saw their 6-game winning streak snapped in Week 13.