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Ex-Steelers WR Hines Ward to be inducted into the Georgia Sports Hall of Fame

Former Steelers wide out Hines Ward will be entering a Hall of Fame this year. Will it be just the first of many?

Patrick Smith/Getty Images

The Pittsburgh Steelers will have one of their favorite sons enter a sports Hall of Fame this year, but when Hines Ward gets inducted it won't be into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, but the Georgia Sports Hall of Fame.

Ward is one of 8 athletes and personalities to be inducted into the Hall of Fame, along with the likes of Chipper Jones, Mike Glenn, former longtime University of Georgia broadcaster Phil Schaffer, high school football coach Luther Welsh, former Georgia Tech and NFL wide receiver Jimmy Robinson, and basketball players and coaches Patricia Roberts and Glenn Wilkes.

The ceremony for induction will take place February 27th.

As the NFL recently announced their 2016 class to be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, Ward's Hall of Fame potential has been brought up among many circles. Ward will become eligible for the Hall of Fame next year, but is far from a lock to be enshrined with players with better statistics being shunned for another year.

Nonetheless, there is a good chance Ward will get his shot at the Pro Football Hall of Fame, but in time. Ward's statistics might not be mind blowing, but they are worthy, especially with him also sporting two Super Bowl rings and a Super Bowl MVP. His 1,000 receptions for 12,083 yards and 85 touchdowns are franchise records for the Pittsburgh Steelers organization.

So much more of Ward's game was about that which didn't fall in a stat book. His ferocious blocking and ability to get in opponent's head with his hard-nosed playing style was unmatched at the wide receiver position. Ward is about to get into a sports Hall of Fame, and Steelers fans everywhere are hoping this is just the first of many.