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James Harrison returning to the Steelers will depend on a six week training regimen

Despite reports of James Harrison returning to the Steelers to fulfill the second year of his two-year contract, the veteran OLB details what is going into the decision making process for him heading into 2016.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Like sand through the hour glass, so are the rumors surrounding James Harrison possibly returning to the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2016.

Okay, so maybe it isn't like a scene from Days of our Lives, but it certainly has been entertaining. Harrison's agent tells media his client will uphold his contract and play in 2016, then Harrison pumps the brakes by saying he isn't sure and now finally speaking with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette's Gerry Dulac, he outlines what will entail a potential comeback for the former Defensive Player of the Year.

When speaking with Dulac, Harrison gave details into what will go into the process of whether his body could withstand another NFL season. The first task at hand? A six-week training regimen which will begin in early March and almost lead up to the team's Organized Team Activities.

Although Harrison did miss a game in 2015 with a knee injury, he has shown the hard work he puts in off the field has helped keep his body in shape to be the very best it can be for his age. As Harrison is set to turn 38 this year, it is tough to imagine him not getting his body into shape where he feels he can play at a sufficient level.

The final quote given by Harrison should give fans hope. When he starts the process of training his body, if and when he gets back, he will be back on the field for one final season before riding off into the sunset.

The good news for Steelers fans? If you follow the man they call "Deebo" and "Silverback" on Instagram or Twitter, he will keep us all apprised of his progress with those ridiculously awesome workout videos throughout the offseason.