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Steelers WR Antonio Brown gives thanks for being the 'Dapper Dan' Sportsman of the Year with a ridiculous highlight reel

Antonio Brown was nominated as the Dapper Dan Sportsman of the Year in the city of Pittsburgh, and he said thank you to the fans with a ridiculous highlight reel on his official Twitter account.

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Sometimes when you see greatness enough, it becomes normal. Never mundane, but normal. With the 2015 Pittsburgh Steelers season officially over, wide receiver Antonio Brown was named the Dapper Dan Sportsman of the Year award in the City of Pittsburgh. Brown wasn't able to be present at the presentation, but thanked the fans in a way only he can...through social media.

Brown posted an absolutely ridiculous highlight reel of his 2015 season, and it is enough to make you watch in amazement. Not just at the plays he made, but the sheer absurdity of the numbers. The receptions, the yards, the months of November and December.

Just an astounding season for the best overall receiver in the NFL. In other words, sit back and enjoy the two minutes and change of nothing but pure and unaltered AB.