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Steelers carry over $3 Million in unused salary cap space into 2016

The Pittsburgh Steelers are always close to the salary cap, and the NFLPA announced Thursday they will get to carry over unused funds from 2015 into their 2016 cap situation.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Most people have heard of roll over minutes and data form cell phone carriers. You don't use the data or the minutes, they get sent to the next month to give you more than you are normally allotted for that month. Little did most people know the NFL has a similar process, but with the salary cap.

If a team doesn't use all of the available salary cap space for a particular year, that money could be carried over into the following year. Teams have the option of carrying over the unused cap space, and all but three have done so heading into 2016.

The Pittsburgh Steelers, who are typically near the closest to the salary cap, are carrying over $3,000,327 into their 2016 salary cap situation.

So, what does this mean? When the 2016 NFL Salary Cap is made official -- it is rumored to be increasing to nearly $156 million this upcoming year -- the Steelers' $3 million dollar roll over will give them more money to utilize on free agents, signing their own players and paying out the 2016 rookie class once they sign their contracts.

Here are the complete roll over amounts for the entire NFL, per the NFLPA website.

Arizona Cardinals - $3,031,663

Atlanta Falcons - $3,905,771

Baltimore Ravens - $1,633,944

Buffalo Bills - $4,467,331

Carolina Panthers - $3,731,200

Chicago Bears - $867,589

Cincinnati Bengals - $7,587,902

Cleveland Browns - $20,734,144

Dallas Cowboys - $3,571,239

Denver Broncos - $3,300,000

Detroit Lions - $862,191

Green Bay Packers - $6,953,847

Houston Texans - $1,637,055

Indianapolis Colts - $4,950,629

Jacksonville Jaguars - $32,774,928

Kansas City Chiefs - $2,622,838

Los Angeles Rams - $933,521

Miami Dolphins - $9,137,544

Minnesota Vikings - $2,090,409

New England Patriots - $1,347,882

New Orleans Saints - $1,400,000

New York Giants - $11,193,231

New York Jets - $2,484,216

Oakland Raiders - $13,373,617

Philadelphia Eagles - $7,255,362

Pittsburgh Steelers - $3,000,327

San Diego Chargers - $2,287,176

San Francisco 49ers - $12,206,686

Seattle Seahawks - $11,587

Tampa Bay Buccaneers - $7,987,748

Tennessee Titans - $20,783,801

Washington Redskins - $5,837,734