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Former Steelers Dri Archer signs future/reserve contract with the New York Jets

The Pittsburgh Steelers let Dri Archer walk midway through the 2015 season, and the speedy return man has a new home with the New York Jets.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

When the Pittsburgh Steelers selected Dri Archer in the third round of the 2014 NFL Draft, some fans cheered, while the majority bemoaned the selection. The small, but fast, running back/return man from Kent State posted the second fastest 40-yard dash time at the NFL Scouting Combine ever.

With Todd Haley at the helm of the Steelers offense, fans envisioned Archer being used in the same way as Haley did with Dexter McCluster when he was the head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs. Nonetheless, Archer did little to nothing in the standard offense, and was very underwhelming as a return man. It wasn't all his fault, after all, the kickoff is being phased out of the game, and the Steelers wasted a 3rd round pick on a kickoff return specialist.

Nonetheless, Archer had to watch the second half of the season from home, waiting for a phone call, and his phone finally rang. It wasn't the Steelers wanting him back, but the New York Jets giving him a shot with a reserve/future contract.

The deal doesn't mean Archer will even be in the NFL next season, but does guarantee he will at least get a shot. Maybe his performance will improve with a change of scenery, but if not, he could be on the job search once again.