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Steelers Antonio Brown knows how to pick a bachelor pad for Super Bowl week

If you were Antonio Brown, had the type of income he has, and was looking for a place to rent for the week at the Super Bowl, you might just pick the same tricked out pad AB chose for this week's festivities.

Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown might act shy around the camera, but the man knows how to handle business. As he always says now-a-days, "Business is boomin'!", and if the place Brown rented for the week of festivities leading up to Super Bowl 50 is any indication, boomin' might be an understatement.

According to TMZ Sports, Brown has rented a suite which is costing him $4,000 a night, but wait till you hear the amenities which come with this crazy bachelor pad.

  • A pool in the living room...yes, in the living room
  • An indoor hot tub
  • 3 gigantic projection HD television screens
  • and my favorite, a 24-hour butler...just to name a few.

The Steelers All-Pro wide receiver took to SnapChat to show pictures of himself in the suite, along with Minnesota Vikings quarterback Teddy Bridgewater. The 4,000 square-foot bachelor pad will be primed and ready for all sorts of events leading up to the big game Sunday.

For full details of the suite, along with pictures other than the one used at the top of the article of the living room with a pool in it, just click HERE.