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Report: Pittsburgh Penguins to play outdoor game at Heinz Field in 2017

The Pittsburgh Penguins have played an outdoor game at Heinz Field in the past, and it looks as if they are preparing to do it again in 2017.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The Pittsburgh Penguins are no stranger to outdoor hockey games. They played in the first ever NHL "Winter Classic" in Buffalo, hosted a "Winter Classic" at Heinz Field and played in an outdoor game in Chicago to play the Blackhawks. Despite the NHL frequently putting one of their marquee franchises on the outdoor stage, reports are swirling the team is preparing to go outside again in 2017.

Early reports are suggesting the Penguins will be hosting their cross state rivals, the Philadelphia Flyers, at Heinz Field -- home of the Pittsburgh Steelers -- sometime in the 2017 NHL season. Some have thought this could be a possible "Winter Classic" matchup, while the majority see it being just another game in the NHL's new "Outdoor Series". This would be the first of a two year "home-and-home" with Philadelphia, and would have the Penguins traveling to play the Flyers in Philadelphia in 2018.

What NHL leaders might want to consider is the fact the Steelers could still be playing football well into January at Heinz Field in the next few seasons. So, when setting the date, they might want to push it back as far as possible.