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Buffalo Bills running back LeSean McCoy involved in violent off-field incident

LeSean McCoy has not had a good start to his year. The Buffalo Bills running back is alleged to have injured two off-duty police officers.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

LeSean McCoy had a successful 2015 season with the Buffalo Bills after being cut by the Philadelphia Eagles, where he played from 2009-2014. For the Buffalo Bills, he had 895 yards in just 12 games, averaging a respectable 4.4 yards per carry.

Off-field, however, he just made a huge misstep, allegedly. The football equivalent of handing the ball to the opponents and saying, "Here, take this into your end zone. Please. This one is on me." There are some things you just shouldn't do in football, and there are some things you just shouldn't do in a club, like assault people.

It is alleged that McCoy got into an altercation over a bottle of champagne at the Recess nightclub in Philadelphia (better than fighting over PBR, I guess). Here's where the story ceases to be funny and is just plain depressing. McCoy allegedly beat up two men, both off-duty police officers working as club security guards. One has a possible skull fracture and had to get stitches over his eye, while the other suffered a broken nose, broken ribs, a sprained thumb, and a laceration to his right eye.

Other NFL players were allegedly involved in the incident. According to the victims, three others in addition to McCoy joined in the brawl. As of Monday night, no criminal charges were filed, but according to multiple outlets, charges were expected soon. The Bills organization declined to comment on the incident, as did McCoy's agent.