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Benstonium gives a glimpse of what Steelers WR Antonio Brown being on 'Dancing With the Stars' would resemble

The creative forces at Benstonium are at it again, but this time is is a video about what it might look like with Antonio Brown as a participant in the hit show 'Dancing With the Stars'.

The creative geniuses at Benstonium, a Pittsburgh-based crew who specialize in everything from hilarious edits to hype up videos, are at it again, but this time they depict what it might look like if Pittsburgh Steelers WR Antonio Brown does indeed join 'Dancing With the Stars' this season, as rumors continue to swirl.

In the 60-second video, they shown plenty of footage of Brown showing off his dance moves on the playing field, but to the trained eyes of the judges, they are not all impressed, especially the final judge.

Nonetheless, it is best to let the experts do their thing, and you can watch the video below. Also, for those fans of the Penguins and Pirates, there are some juicy nuggets in this video clip as well.

Thanks to Benstonium for sharing this, and we hope everyone enjoys it!

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Posted by on Sunday, February 28, 2016