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Steelers OLB James Harrison begins workout regimen which will decide future with the team

The Pittsburgh Steelers OLB has started his workout regimen which will ultimately decide whether he returns to the team in 2016, or if he leaves the team searching for answers at the position.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Fans of the Pittsburgh Steelers know how hard James Harrison trains. All you need is an Instagram account and to follow his verified page to see a myriad of exercises performed with ridiculous amounts of weight. What does this have to do with Harrison's potential return to the Steelers in 2016?

Well, after the Steelers lost to the Broncos in the Divisional Round of the AFC Playoffs, Harrison talked about how uncertain he was whether he would return next year or not. His main reason? He wasn't sure if his body could tolerate another 16-game, or more, NFL season.

After a few weeks passed, and several rumors circulated, Harrison publicly stated he would take time off before putting himself through his usual 6-week workout program to see how his body would respond. If he was able to withstand the personal punishment he put himself through, then he would certainly return. However, if his body didn't respond as usual, retirement was a serious possibility.

Monday, Harrison got back in the weight room to start the regimen which will likely decide whether he returns in 2016, or if he leaves the Steelers OLB depth devoid of life. Looks like he is ready to go, if you ask me...

First day back!! Sucks

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I'm hating my life right now!

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