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Be the Pittsburgh Steelers General Manager and make the tough decisions in Free Agency

Every fan can sit back and say decisions made by a coach or GM is stupid, but could you do better? The latest online tool gives you the chance to do just that!

Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

It is easy to sit back and watch NFL Free Agency unfold and curse the Pittsburgh Steelers brass for not making moves or making the wrong moves throughout the offseason. We, as fans, know so much more than those who get paid a large sum of money to make the tough decisions with the current roster and potential free agents.

With an interesting new tool from Fanspeak, you can be the Steelers GM and make the tough decisions to work the salary cap to perfection. Sure it is easy to say you would cut Cortez Allen without a second thought, but the move certainly plays a roll in the team's salary cap with the dead money owed in his contract.

So, put your fake money where your mouth is and give this a shot. Which players' contracts would your re-structure, which players would you extend and which players would you release? All tough decisions which are just another day at the office for General Managers around the league. Time to be Kevin Colbert...could you do better?

Find the Fanspeak tool RIGHT HERE and waste some time on a Friday at work!