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Pittsburgh Steelers Friday night 5 questions and open thread

It's Friday already and we are one week closer to the start of the regular season! Pull up a chair, grab a drink, and join us for a Friday open thread.

Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Spring has almost sprung, and the draft is just a few weeks away. I've spent the week obsessing over my NCAA bracket and trying to keep track of all the NFL free agency action. Here are a few questions to get you through your Friday evening.

1) Speaking of brackets, who do you have winning the NCAA tournament? Is your bracket busted yet? What has been the biggest surprise so far? OK, that was three questions, but since this is a football site, I didn't want to have more basketball questions that football questions.

2) The Steelers had a busy week in free agency, losing several big-name players, and signing some as well. What grade do you give the Steelers offseason so far? (Yes, you should factor in Martavis Bryant's suspension)

3) The Steelers fan base is deeply divided in its opinion of offensive coordinator Todd Haley. Defensive coordinator Keith Butler is not without controversy either. Meanwhile, special teams had a lackluster year, and the secondary struggled tremendously. If you were the general manager, what offseason coaching changes would you make?

4) The Ravens just acquired Eric Weddle. The Steelers had their eye on him as well. Do you think he will be a game-changer in the Ravens secondary?

5) If you could bring any Steelers player from the last decade back from retirement (in peak form), whom would you choose?