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Steelers WR Antonio Brown pays $6.6 million for a new home in Florida with built-in synagogue

Antonio Brown is not just the best wide receiver in the NFL, but he is also a player who doesn't shy away from the glitz and glamour which accompanies the job. Check out his new home worth over $6 million dollars with a built in synagogue.

Pittsburgh Steelers WR Antonio Brown is a hard-working man. After all, you don't turn yourself from a 6th round draft pick into a perennial All-Pro and Pro Bowl wide receiver over night. Brown doesn't just work hard, but he enjoys the fruits of his labor in extravagance.

It was Brown who pulled up to Steelers training camp in Latrobe, PA with a custom Rolls Royce emblazoned with his signature on the side of the vehicle, he rented a ridiculous bachelor pad for he and his friends for Super Bowl 50 and his latest venture has him purchasing a home in Florida worth $6.6 million dollars.

Brown grew up in Florida, and the home he purchased certainly doesn't lack amenities. According to the Sun Sentinel, the estate has Italian marble floors, imported Chandeliers, a custom outdoor kitchen and a wet bar, door handles made from precious metals, and a home theater features stadium seating. Oh, and it can't be left out the home has its own synagogue.

Although Brown is not openly Jewish, the realtor was not sure if the star wide receiver planned on keeping the prayer space or converting it into something more suited for he and his family.

The house is rather impressive, and you can see a complete slideshow of the house in the link HERE. Brown is living the life, and a $6.6 million dollar home might be just another blip on the radar if he helps the Steelers win a 7th Lombardi trophy in 2016.