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Former Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Kordell Stewart releases autobiography

Kordell Stewart was known as a versatile quarterback, nicknamed "Slash." Now, he is also an author with the release of Truth: The Kordell Stewart Story.

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Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

Former Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Kordell Stewart just released his autobiography, Truth: The Kordell Stewart Story. The Steelers 1995 second-round pick, Stewart was known for his versatility and mobility. Legendary commentator Myron Cope coined the nickname "slash," since he could play quarterback/ (slash) receiver/ (slash) running back. His 38 rushing touchdowns puts him fourth on the NFL all-time list after Steve Young, Cam Newton, and Jack Kemp.

After leaving the Steelers in 2002, he spent time with the Chicago Bears and the Baltimore Ravens. He worked as an analyst after leaving the NFL. His most recent endeavor is as an author, promoting his book, which was released on March 25. Stewart told KDKA, "My autobiography, 'Truth,' is a book that's trying to bring forms of transparency to the fan base."

Stewart is active on social media and has an enthusiastic following.