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Bengals LB Vontaze Burfict tells what Steelers coach Joey Porter was saying on the field in Wild Card game

Everyone know hows the ending played out. The hit, the flag, the smirk, another flag and the chip shot field goal. So what did Joey Porter say on the field? Vontaze Burfict tells his side of the story.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Close your eyes and you can see it all over again. Ben Roethlisberger moves the Pittsburgh Steelers down the field with an arm barely able to throw 20 yards. On the edge of Chris Boswell's field goal range, Roethlisberger throws to Antonio Brown. The pass is high, and after the ball sails beyond Brown's outreached hands, Vontaze Burfict lays a crippling blow to the All-Pro wide receiver's head.

Brown is visibly unconscious, don't tell Adam Jones that, but this is where the fun began. After the 15-yard penalty for hitting a defenseless receiver, Joey Porter sauntered his way onto the field. No one knows why he was on the field, but Porter was caught by cameras talking with Burfict and several other Bengals players. Before you know it, Jones comes through the pile and throws a punch. Another flag, and a chip shot Chris Boswell field goal sent the Steelers onto the divisional round of the AFC Playoffs.

So, what was said by Porter which caused Jones to go crazy? Burfict shed some light on the situation when he sat down with Josina Anderson of ESPN. Surprisingly, Burfict didn't have much negativity to throw at Porter.

"We all know Joey Porter. Joey Porter, all he does is talk. But, it was nothing going on between me and him. But, Adam obviously got a little bit fed up, like, why are you on the field right now talking smack to my teammates. Adam didn't know that he was actually giving me some good words of wisdom. When Joey Porter came on, he was like, man, I actually really respect your game. And at that point, I didn't want to hear that."

Anderson the interjects in the interview by saying, ""He said that to you? So he [Jones] made a mistake."

"He made a mistake," Burfict said, "but Joey shouldn't have been on the field talking. Adam got my back, 100, 110%, I respect him, because I told him, 'man, he wasn't saying nothing bad like that', one of the refs was looking at Adam and right when Adam like kind of pushed Joey Porter, he was like, 'oh, this is it, he just threw it,'. So I'm like, man, I kind of feel like we were cheated a little bit."

The thought of the Bengals being cheated by one of their players taking a swing at a Steelers coach is laughable. Why was Porter on the field? No one knows, well, Steelers fans have an idea, but if what Burfict is saying is true, what Porter was saying which caused the incident to occur might not have been as bad as many once thought. Bet you didn't see that coming, did you?