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Pittsburgh Steelers Friday Night 5 questions and open thread

Free Agency is right around the corner, literally, and it is time to have another meeting of the minds to talk some things out.

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

There is a lot to talk about for fans of the Pittsburgh Steelers. NFL Draft prospects, Pro Days and NFL Free Agency is set to begin in just a few days. What better way to reconvene with the Friday Night 5 questions and open thread. First, a confession. Things have been super chaotic here at BTSC headquarters, and hopefully this means us getting back on track with our annual Friday Night gathering. I can't always guarantee it will be me getting the questions together, but someone will be getting the conversation started.

So, with that out of the way, time to get started. You know the drill:

- State your beverage
- Answer the questions to the best of your ability
- Keep it clean and respectful

Let's get this party started right...

1. With Free Agency set to start soon, name ONE offensive and ONE defensive free agent you would like to add to the team. Keep salary cap restrictions and expected salary in mind when making your choice.

2. You are the GM, which position are you focusing on for the first round pick? Defensive Line? Cornerback? Tight End? Another position?

3. The Steelers have a long list of their own free agents. If you had to pick ONE of the following free agents, who would you keep and why?

- Kelvin Beachum
- Brandon Boykin
- William Gay
- Ramon Foster

4. When the 2016 season begins, how many new faces will the starting Steelers' defense have in their midst?

5. With the weather turning warmer, it has people having the urge to get outside again. Which reminds me of golf (I'm an avid golfer). What is the best sporting event you have ever attended live? I went to the U.S. Open at Congressional in 2011, which was pretty amazing to see in person. Any sport counts, what is the top of your list?

Okay folks, have a great weekend and get ready for the free agent frenzy to start next week!