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Former Steelers kicker Josh Scobee officially a member of the New Orleans Saints

Josh Scobee was bad in 2015, but apparently not bad enough to be unemployed in 2016. The veteran kicker signed a one-year deal with the Saints Friday.

Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

Before you check your watch, phone or calendar on your electronic device -- it is not April 1st. In other words, this is not an April Fool's joke.

Josh Scobee is now a member of the New Orleans Saints.

The former kicker for the Pittsburgh Steelers, who was released from his duties after an absolutely dreadful beginning of the season, has found a new home in the Big Easy.

Scobee claimed to be injured after he was released from his duties with the Steelers, but nothing official was ever announced by both Scobee or the Steelers. According to Rapoport's tweet, the injury was to his hip flexor, and he is now completely healed.

Maybe Scobee was injured when in Pittsburgh, but it doesn't lesson the sting of what transpired when he was in the black and gold. The missed field goals against the New England Patriots, and especially the Baltimore Ravens game at Heinz Field which were absolutely gut-wrenching to watch.

Scobee is now someone else's concerns, but for those who doubt there will be a market for a kicker like Shaun Suisham if he proves he is healthy...someone just signed Josh Scobee. Case closed.