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Terrell Suggs arrest in Arizona just the latest blemish in the AFC North

First it was Johnny Manziel, and now it is Terrell Suggs' turn. Although T-Sizzle's issues with the law are far less than Manziel's, it is still a blemish on the Baltimore Ravens' reputation.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Johnny Manziel isn't the only AFC North player having an eventful offseason. Baltimore Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs was recently arrested in Arizona for driving on a suspended license.

Suggs passed a field sobriety test after he crashed into a wall in a single-car accident. Police alleged that Suggs attempted to leave the scene, an allegation he denies. Once police became involved, however, they discovered he was driving on a suspended license.

During his arrest video, Suggs explains why he did not involve the police after the accident, saying, "If you did your research, I am an athlete... We do kind of got a bad rep right now."

Suggs was cooperative throughout the incident. In fact, at one point he joked with a police officer who had given him a ticket a few years ago in the same area.

The star linebacker's season ended in September when he tore his Achilles during the Ravens season-opener against the Denver Broncos. During the 2012 offseason, Suggs tore his ACL during a workout in Arizona.

The Ravens struggled this past season without Suggs, whose injury was one of many to key players. With the sixth pick overall, the Ravens will have the opportunity to acquire an NFL-ready game-changer. Suggs is already 34, and Elvis Dumervil is 32, so the team might opt to fortify their pass rush.