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Steelers safey Mike Mitchell bids former Bengals WR Marvin Jones farewell with hilarious tweet

Mike Mitchell has had his issues with social media, but when Marvin Jones agreed to a new deal with the Detroit Lions, Mitchell sent a hilarious tweet to the former Bengals WR.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

NFL Free Agency is an exciting time of year. Players move from team to team in search of the next  big contract, and also a chance to win. Players certainly watch the wire to see who is coming back to their team, who has left and possibly news around their respective division.

For the Pittsburgh Steelers, they have seen some key parts of other AFC North rivals depart the division for greener pastures. The most recent was former Cincinnati Bengals WR Marvin Jones leaving Cincinnati for the Detroit Lions.

Those who don't remember, it was Jones who called Steelers safety Mike Mitchell "fake tough" after a hard hit in the Week 8 game at Heinz Field. There was a war of words between the two player, and it seems with Jones leaving for the NFC North, the rivalry between these two will be one of the once every 4 years variety.

Just because Jones is leaving doesn't mean Mitchell didn't get one last jab in on social media. He sent this hilarious tweet shortly after Jones' deal was announced.

He might have gotten Jones with one final "dig", but Jones is laughing all the way to the bank as his new contract is reportedly worth nearly $8 million dollars a season.