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The AFC North was voted the most difficult division in the NFL

The AFC North is home to perennial playoff contenders, and is a large reason why it was recently voted the best division in the NFL.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Is it possible the division which houses the Cleveland Browns, Cincinnati Bengals, Baltimore Ravens and Pittsburgh Steelers is considered the best division in the NFL? That is exactly what a recent article stated in their "Divisional Power Rankings".

As a Steelers website, it is difficult to disagree with the article's findings, considering the blood baths which reside within the division on a yearly basis. Whether it is the usual hate-fest between the Ravens and Steelers, or the budding rivalry with the Bengals and Steelers, the AFC North consists of contenders.

In 2014 there were 3 teams represented in the AFC Playoffs, and 2 made the dance in 2015. This is a strong reason why they were chosen at the top of the list. See what had to say about their decision:

1. AFC North: The expected resurgence of the Ravens gives the division three legitimate contenders, not to mention three bona fide human starting quarterbacks now that Andy has obliterated the Dalton Scale. The schedule won't help the Browns.

Many would disagree with the Ravens being a contender after their sub-par 2015 season, but most believe their downward spiral will be short lived and they will return to relevance again next season.

So, if the AFC North is the best division in the NFL, what about the rest of the divisions? Check out the rankings

1. AFC North
2. NFC West
3. AFC West
4. AFC East
5. NFC North
6. NFC South
7. AFC South
8. NFC East

After reading the rankings, it got us thinking here at BTSC, which division to you think is the best from top to bottom? Every division has their bottom feeder, but which division holds the most competition not only within the division, but also outside the division?

Vote on which division you think is the best in the league in the poll below, and as always, feel free to explain yourself in the comment section.