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Pittsburgh Steelers players break silence on Martavis Bryant suspension

Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Martavis Bryant is facing a one year suspension, leaving his teammates concerned and eager to help.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

This offseason brought disappointing news about talented wide receiver Martavis Bryant, the Steelers fourth round draft pick in 2014 who finished the 2015 season with 765 yards in just 12 regular season games. The Steelers will miss Bryant's on-field contributions, but as Steelers OLB Arthur Moats noted via Jeremy Fowler of ESPN, "It's bigger than football."

Moats continued, "We just want to let him know we're here for him in any way he might need. We try to look at it as him the person, instead of what he brings to the field."

When news of the suspension broke Le'Veon Bell also responded empathetically, saying via NFL Media, "People are going to tell you that they hate you and all of these negative things, but you have to understand you're human. You're a human being. I'm pretty sure if he wanted to be perfect - if he could be perfect he would, but he can't be perfect. He can't be perfect, I can't be perfect - nobody can."

According to NFL rules, suspended players cannot have contact with their team. Moats and running back DeAngelo Williams both expressed concern about the isolation suspended players can experience. Williams said, also via Jeremy Fowler of ESPN, "How do you expect him to get better. He should be around his teammates. When you're 25 years old and a millionaire and you stay in your old neighborhood, nobody knows what you're going through."

The Steelers, and their fan base, hope Bryant gets the help he needs to make a full recovery and be back on the team in 2016 better than ever.