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James Harrison is not happy about the Pittsburgh Steelers 2016 schedule

While most Steelers' fans rejoiced to read Pittsburgh's schedule for the 2016 regular season, one of the team's most recognized veterans did not share in the joy.

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If you have not been able to get your load of what is all packed into the Steelers' schedule, go read our breakdown and analysis on what 2016 has in store for Pittsburgh's football franchise.

One of the more notable takeaways by fans is that the Steelers are currently scheduled to play on three major holidays in Thanksgiving evening, Christmas day and New Years Day. While some were happy to see that the team would be on during times when most of the country would be available to watch, a particular member of the Steelers was not happy to learn this at the schedule's release.

Retirement sounds better than ever when you realize you'd have to work on Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Year's.

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James Harrison came out of retirement two seasons ago to rejoin the Steelers and resume his leadership role for the defense. Since then he has had three multi-sack games and been part of multiple turnover "splash" plays for Pittsburgh. At the conclusion of the 2015 NFL season, Harrison was faced with a hard decision as to whether or not he should retire for good.

He will be 38 years of age at the start of the next season and will undoubtedly see even less snaps than he did in 2015; despite this Harrison has continued his rigorous training program to at least give himself the option to play next season should he decide that is best for his career.

Whether or not this is just him expressing dismay about the schedule as he prepares for next season or is him actually getting closer to a decision to retire remains to be seen. Harrison has a long and storied history with the Pittsburgh Steelers that includes two Super Bowl championships, three AFC Championships, a Defensive Most Valuable Player award and arguably the greatest play in Super Bowl history with his 100 yard interception return in Super Bowl XLIII.

There is no doubt that Harrison would prefer to go out on top in his career and that he has a chance to do that with the current Steelers roster that has numerous All-Pro players and even more athletes that are capable of earning the honors of All-Pro listings.

But just as any other athlete, Harrison's health is a major concern; and is even more so at this stage of his career now that youth is not on his side. If Harrison has already played his last game he can get on with his life's work knowing that he had a legendary career for the most successful NFL organization in the Super Bowl era. However this writer believes that there's one more year left in Silverback's reserves.