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NFL Rumors: Pittsburgh Steelers Nike 'Color Rush' uniforms may have been leaked

The NFL and Nike tried out their new 'Color Rush' uniforms on select weeks in 2015, but all 32 teams will be wearing these unique uniforms in 2016. Check out the rumor for what the Steelers uniforms might look like.

When the NFL announced all teams who play on Thursday Night Football -- which would be all 32 teams in 2016 -- would be wearing the new Nike 'Color Rush' uniforms, certain fan bases started to sweat. There are a small group of NFL franchises who despise change. The Chicago Bears, Pittsburgh Steelers and Green Bay Packers certainly come to mind. After watching the NFL and Nike make the Jacksonville Jaguars uniforms look like a defunct urine test, and the Buffalo Bills a Christmas decoration, you have to wonder what they will do to all the other uniforms.

A recent tweet was released potentially leaking the color schemes of some of the teams who will be donning these new threads in 2016.

The line at the top of the photo reads, "All designs subject to change - same color matchups will result in color change for one club."

So, with that said, these colors could ultimately change, but if not it shows the Steelers as using the gold in their color scheme as the dominant color in the design. Looking back at last year's color rush uniforms, Nike focused on one color for the jersey, pants, socks and anything else which could be the same color.

What will the team's uniforms look like with all gold? Here is what our friends at The Steelers Wire came up with last season when the 'Color Rush' began:

If the NFL and Nike are sold on the team wearing all gold, it won't be changing due to the opponent. The Steelers play the Indianapolis Colts on Thanksgiving night, and will reportedly wear the color rush uniforms during that game.

Let the discussion begin on the potential gold unis the team could be rocking on Turkey Day...