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Steelers RB Le'Veon Bell tweets about being randomly drug tested on 4/20

The Pittsburgh Steelers don't have the best track record with players failing drug tests, so it should come as a shock to no one Le'Veon Bell was chosen on the first day of random drug testing to participate.

Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

Every year on April 20th, a certain population of people celebrate a specific holiday. This isn't Thanksgiving or Christmas, but a holiday spent enjoying the pleasures associated with cannabis. April 20th is also a special day in the NFL, when the league can officially start their random drug testing protocol for the upcoming year.

The Pittsburgh Steelers don't have the best track record with failed drug tests, and looking at the history of some players on the team, like RB Le'Veon Bell, it should shock no one that these players could be the top of the list of the "random" tests.

In fact, Bell took to Twitter to laugh about the irony of being drug tested on 4/20.

Bell doesn't seem sold on the "random" tag associated with the drug tests, and seems pretty confident the sample he gave is clean. The Steelers organization, along with fans around the globe, are all hoping that is the case to ensure Bell is on the field with his teammates for all 16 games in 2016.