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Watch Antonio Brown's weekly performance from Footloose on Dancing with the Stars

Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown had a strong week on DWTS.

Antonio Brown struggled last week on Dancing with the Stars, but more than made up for it in his Monday night performance of a dance from the movie Footloose for Famous Dances Night. Antonio Brown and his partner Sharna Burgess earned 27 out of 30 points for their efforts.

Meanwhile, former NFL quarterback Doug Flutie was eliminated from the show. Known for his competitive spirit and robotically stiff dancing, Flutie showed great drive and determination throughout the program, but never quite mastered the art of dancing. Another NFL star, Super Bowl MVP Von Miller, also struggled this week; he and his partner did a routine to Michael Jackson's Bad.

The top two competitors on this season are probably Wanya Morris from Boyz II Men, the group that brought the world On Bended Knee, So Hard to Say Goodbye, and End of the Road. Nyle DiMarco, a deaf model, is another strong contender, able to dance nearly perfectly even though he can not hear the music.

If you want to vote for Antonio Brown, call 1-800-868-3401.

Here are a few clips from his performance: