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The NFL and Nike continue their "Color Rush" uniforms in 2016, and all teams could be impacted

If you were paying attention in 2015, in the second half of the season the NFL and Nike debuted their "Color Rush" uniforms on Thursday Night Football. This trend will continue in 2016.

Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

The Pittsburgh Steelers are one of the proud franchises in the NFL. They laud themselves on tradition, and an unwillingness to join the crowd when it comes to simple changes to the uniform, or things of that nature. The Steelers don't have cheerleaders, have booed the team-appointed mascot to the point where he doesn't show his face inside Heinz Field on game days and the fan base still has a fit when talking about the change from the block numbers to the italicized digits currently used on the team's uniforms.

There is a select group of teams who fall into this category of 'classic uniforms'. The Green Bay Packers, Oakland Raiders, Kansas City Chiefs and Indianapolis Colts are also organizations who certainly come to mind when thinking about 'classic' uniforms, but this could all change in 2016 -- at least for one game.

Detroit Lions Team President Rod Wood recently spilled the beans on the fact every team who plays a Thursday Night Football game will be wearing the new NFL and Nike "Color Rush" uniform. So, who plays on Thursday Nights in 2016? Well, the entire NFL. Every team is given at least one Thursday Night Football game in a season, which means even those 'classic' teams will be sporting some new duds in 2016, if this turns out to be true.

Here is what the uniforms looked like last year:

Some weren't bad, the Dallas Cowboys and Rams, while others, the Jacksonville Jaguars, were absolutely atrocious.

What would the Steelers' color rush uniforms look like, if they indeed have to wear them in 2016? Our friends at The Steelers Wire, a USA Today website, came up with the following mock ups for the team.

Not horrible, but certainly not what fans are accustomed to. Some will welcome the change, while others will complain and tell young children to get off their lawn. Either way, if Wood's comments are true, every NFL team will be using some new uniforms in 2016.