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Rival Roundup: Cincinnati Bengals on their high horse after offseason transactions

The AFC North has been mighty busy the past few weeks. We take a look at what has been going on between the Ravens, Bengals and Browns as we scan the toughest division in the NFL.

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There are certainties in this life. Death, taxes and you can now add the Cincinnati Bengals being a bit over zealous after another season without a playoff victory to the list of guarantees.

After winning the AFC North in 2015, and losing to the Pittsburgh Steelers in the Wild Card round of the AFC Playoffs, the Bengals, and their fans, seem to be consumed with them "winning" the offseason. Someone might want to tell them "winning" happens when you capture a Lombardi trophy, but I digress.

The SB Nation Bengals website, Cincy Jungle, has multiple stories on their page now about the Bengals dominating both free agency, the NFL Draft and any other offseason category you can think of. My personal favorite? Where an author takes a stab at putting a bow on the other AFC North teams' offseason.

How do they consider the Steelers offseason and the NFL Draft? Bud Dupree could breakout, and the team "reached" big time with their selection of Artie Burns in the first round.

Take a look at this article, as well as other articles surrounding the Cleveland Browns and Baltimore Ravens from our SB Nation websites.

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