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Pittsburgh Steelers Friday Night 5 questions and open thread

Time to settle in for some time with fellow friends of the Terrible Towel as we embark on yet another Friday Night 5 questions and open thread.

Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

While some are settling in for a night of NHL Playoff hockey, others just want to sit around and talk about some football. Lucky for you, this is the place to be! We prepare ourselves for another night of fun and fellowship with other Steelers fans around the globe.

If you are new to this section of Steelers Nation, let me explain the rules. State your beverage of choice, answer the 5 questions in the comment section, and enjoy the camaraderie between fellow fans.

IMPORTANT EDITORIAL MESSAGE: In recent weeks and months, a couple readers have decided to put pictures of beautiful, and half naked, women in the comment section of the open thread. Although I find these women to be extremely attractive, I don't feel it is the appropriate place for these to be disseminated. The internet is a expansive and vast, if that is what you are looking for...just do a simple Google search. Otherwise, let's keep those photos out of our football in the future.

1. It was announced Thursday that New England Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski was the newest Madden cover athlete. If you could pick a player to be cursed with the Madden jinx, which player would it be and why?

2. Continuing, of all AFC North teams, which team do you despise the most, and why?

3. You have to give a new contract to just ONE of the following players. Who do you give the cash to, and why?

David DeCastro or Le'Veon Bell

4. I've always been interested in how others watch the Steelers. Do you prefer solitude? A crowd? A bar?

5. Assuming the Steelers are in Super Bowl 51, which opponent would you hand select between the Carolina Panthers, Arizona Cardinals, Seattle Seahawks and Green Bay Packers for the neutral site showdown?