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Get to know the Pittsburgh Steelers 7 rookies by following them on social media

Want to get to know the Pittsburgh Steelers on a more intimate level? Try following them on social media for a glimpse into their professional, and personal, lives.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

So, you don't have a Twitter account? Well, if you are a fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers and are looking for an in-depth look inside the personal, and professional, lives of their players, Twitter is the perfect way to see the men inside the helmets.

While some might criticize what they say on social media, they are offering up a part of themselves for the public to see. I personally enjoy seeing this part of their lives and getting to know what little they put on social media outside of touchdowns and tackles.

If you want to start with a group of Steelers to start following, why not follow the newest members of the team with the 7 rookies of the 2016 NFL Draft class?

See below for their Twitter handles, and give them a follow!

CB Artie Burns - @_audi8
S Sean Davis - @umdsfinest21
DT Javon Hargrave - @Jay_MostWanted
OT Jerald Hawkins - @bubbahawk10
OLB Travis Feeney - @dawgs41feeney
WR/PR Dmarcus Ayers - @DAYERS_LOE
ILB Tyler Matakevich - @44_Matakevich