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Former Steelers CB Brandon Boykin released from Carolina Panthers after just 2 months

The Pittsburgh Steelers watched Brandon Boykin leave for the Carolina Panthers this offseason, and apparently the Panthers aren't interested in his services in 2016.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Pittsburgh Steelers made a trade prior to the 2015 NFL season when they sent a conditional draft pick to the Philadelphia Eagles for cornerback Brandon Boykin. There have been few players as controversial as Boykin, and his unknown lack of playing time in 2015.

Boykin eventually saw the field, and made an impact. It was this play which saw him sign a free agent contract with the Carolina Panthers, just a few months ago. As most NFL teams are going through the motions of their offseason activities, preparing for the 2016 season, Boykin now finds himself without a job, as he was released by the Panthers per Ian Rappoport.

It seems controversy follows Boykin wherever he may go. In Philadelphia it was a reported rift between he and then coach Chip Kelly over Kelly not treating black players with the same respect as other teammates. In Pittsburgh, his controversy surrounded his lack of playing time until late in the season. Now, the Panthers part ways with the veteran cornerback after just two months.

Business may be crazy, but it should be noted Boykin sat on the free agent market for weeks until finally signing with the Panthers. The addition of Boykin made sense when the Panthers removed their franchise tag on Josh Norman, but his strange departure continues to be a potential red flag for other NFL teams looking into bringing in a veteran cornerback to help their secondary.