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NFL releases statement as to why Steelers OLB James Harrison couldn't film random drug test

James Harrison wasn't happy he couldn't film the random drug test at his house Tuesday, but the NFL stands by their rules against filming those tests.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Tuesday evening Pittsburgh Steelers OLB James Harrison took to social media regarding a random drug test by the NFL occurring at his house. In the past, he filmed the random testing being done, but he was told the last agent who allowed him to film the test was fired due to the infraction.

Since Harrison didn't film the most recent test, it left fans and media wondering, "What is the NFL trying to hide? Why won't they allow him to film the test?"

The answer was released today through Ray Fittipaldo of the Pittsburgh when league spokesman Brian McCarthy released a statement on the situation.

"Both the league and NFLPA recognize that the collection protocols and procedures are designed to ensure the accuracy and identification of the specimens to be tested.

"To maintain the integrity of the protocols and protect against the possibility of manipulation of the process at the time or during future tests, the policy prohibits devices and other objects in the collection area or taking photographs or video of specific collections.

"There are a number of protections in place for both the player and collector to ensure that the protocols are properly followed. In addition to the multi-step verification of identity and confirmations of specimen and bottle integrity, the protocols expressly allow both the player and collector to note and report for investigation any perceived irregularity or deviation in the collection process."

Many will always question the NFL and their policies, especially when they involve James Harrison, but in this instance the league seems pretty certain what happened wasn't them targeting Harrison and not allowing him to film the test, but simply part of their usual protocol.