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Pittsburgh Steelers WR Antonio Brown now sets his sights solely on football

For Antonio Brown, after being eliminated from Dancing with the Stars, it is now time to focus on football again.

Scott R. Galvin-USA TODAY Sports

For Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown, the dance is over.


This past week Brown was voted off the show Dancing with the Stars, the same show former Steelers receiver Hines Ward won in 2011, but for Brown it wasn't all tears and bouquets of flowers. Shortly after his departure from the show the prolific receiver posted this video on his verified Twitter account.

Take a look:

The video isn't what is important...the caption is. "DWTS (Dancing with the Stars) was a great experience, but now it's time to focus on bringing Pittsburgh another championship."

There were some who hated the idea of Brown being a contestant on the hit TV show, but can you blame him? His stay there gave him global recognition with people who never watched a Steelers game in their lives. Suddenly, people who don't follow the Steelers, or the NFL, know who Antonio Brown is.

With this venture now officially over, there is a strong chance the Steelers organization is smiling behind closed doors. Brown avoided injury -- yes, you can get injured while dancing -- and now can focus solely on football and the 2016 Pittsburgh Steelers season.

According to Jason Mackey of DKonPittsburghSports, the Steelers organization was never worried about Brown being in the competition, but if there was a concern it was him possibly overworking while training for the show, and still attending Steelers' offseason workouts.

For Brown, it seems like just another day in the life of a prolific, exciting and charismatic NFL wide receiver. He is a wide receiver, right? Oh yeah, probably the best in the NFL! Good to have you back full-time AB...time to get No. 7.