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Pittsburgh Steelers the odds on favorites to win the AFC North in 2016

Las Vegas knows how to set their lines, and they see the Steelers as odds-on favorites to win the AFC North in 2016.

Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

When most fans talk about the 2016 Pittsburgh Steelers hopeful road, or stairway, to their 7th Super Bowl title in franchise history, they talk about the importance of having opponents come to Heinz Field, and not the other way around.

To achieve the goal of a first round bye and home field advantage, the first step in the process is winning the AFC North. The Steelers accomplished this task in 2014, but lost their crown to the Cincinnati Bengals in 2015. What are the odds Pittsburgh reclaims what is theirs next season? To be honest, Las Vegas actually like those odds.

According to the Bovada sports book in Las Vegas, the Steelers are favored to win the AFC North -- according to the odds.

Odds to Win the 2016-17 AFC North
Pittsburgh Steelers - 5/4
Cincinnati Bengals - 7/4
Baltimore Ravens - 11/4
Cleveland Browns - 20/1

As most would agree, there is a high likelihood the division come down to the last two champions, but Vegas isn't quite ready to bury the Ravens.

The odds are close, but favor the Steelers to be kings of the AFC North mountain when all is said and done. What about the other AFC divisions. Below is how Vegas sees them shaking out.

Odds to Win the 2016-17 AFC East
New England Patriots - 5/11
Buffalo Bills - 21/4
New York Jets - 21/4
Miami Dolphins - 8/1

Odds to Win the 2016-17 AFC South
Indianapolis Colts - 5/4
Houston Texans - 2/1
Jacksonville Jaguars - 7/2
Tennessee Titans - 10/1

Odds to Win the 2016-17 AFC West
Denver Broncos - 9/5
Kansas City Chiefs - 9/5
Oakland Raiders - 11/4
San Diego Chargers - 13/2