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Steelers cornerback Senquez Golson undergoes MRI, injury concerns continue to linger

After spending his entire rookie season on injured reserve, Senquez Golson had an MRI taken this week.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The Pittsburgh Steelers, and their fans, have been excited to finally get a look at last year's second round draft pick, cornerback Senquez Golson. After he spent his entire rookie season on the sideline due to a torn labrum, the thought of seeing the ball hawking defensive back form Ole Miss on the field for once will be a welcome site to the 30th ranked pass defense.

But there might be an issue with such a request.

Dale Lolley of the Observer-Reporter reported that Golson had to leave yesterday's OTA in order to have an MRI taken, but at this time there is not a lot of information available on why the MRI was needed, or what part of Golson's body was to be examined.

Lolley reported that Golson had seemed fine throughout OTA's, which caused him to believe that this could just be a precautionary measure by the Steelers' staff to make sure that Golson makes a full recovery and will not be injured going into training camp.

Players leaving OTA's for checkups are not major signs for alarm, as missing a non-mandatory OTA workout happens often across the NFL. However, considering Golson's injury last season, it is worthy of note moving forward as Pittsburgh keeps an eye on the health of one of their investments into the new generation of defensive backs they have been building.

Could he have re-aggravated his shoulder injury? Could he have just gotten a routine check up on the shoulder? Or could it have been another injury which just occurred?

A lot of speculation is going on, but until Golson starts to miss workouts, especially mandatory minicamp, let his participation, or lack thereof, dictate the level of concern for fans across Steelers Nation.