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Pittsburgh Steelers remain one of the front-runners in terms of odds to win Super Bowl 51

The Pittsburgh Steelers are clearly a fan favorite to represent the AFC in Super Bowl 51, but how do they stack up according to Las Vegas in terms of odds to win their 7th Lombardi trophy?

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Since the Denver Broncos were crowned the champions of the NFL for 2015 by defeating the Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl 50, the Pittsburgh Steelers -- along with the New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks -- have been the front runners, in the eyes of Las Vegas, to win Super Bowl 51.

The odds are updated throughout the offseason. Free agency and retirements can certainly change the odds, and after the 2016 NFL Draft it was time to update them again. There were some moves in the odds, some rather surprising ones too, but the Steelers remained near the top -- but not at the top.

Per the Bovada sports book in Las Vegas, the Steelers are 10/1 favorites to win their 7th Lombardi trophy in 2016. How did the rest of the AFC North do in the rankings? The Cincinnati Bengals were given 18/1 odds, the Baltimore Ravens 33/1 odds and the Cleveland Browns 100/1 odds.

At 10/1, most would assume the Steelers are at least the second most favored team to win Super Bowl 51, but that isn't the case.

Take a look at the Top 10, according to best odds to win it all:

1. New England Patriots: 7/1
2. Seattle Seahawks: 8/1
3. Pittsburgh Steelers: 10/1
3. Green Bay Packers: 10/1
5. Carolina Panthers: 11/1
6. Arizona Cardinals: 14/1
7. Denver Broncos: 16/1
8. Cincinnati Bengals: 18/1
9. Dallas Cowboys: 22/1
9. Indianapolis Colts: 22/1
9. Minnesota Vikings: 22/1

What might be the most surprising is the sports book not moving the Patriots with Tom Brady's impending 4-game suspension. Many aspects of gambling and betting on games have been impacted by Brady possibly missing the first quarter of the season, but Vegas seems extremely confident in the Patriots' ability to keep the ship afloat in Brady's stead -- if he is even suspended.

Nonetheless, the Steelers are one of the elite teams in the NFL, and it will be up to the team to put their best foot forward, and stay healthy, in 2016 to not just be considered a contender, but to live up to the hype.