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Pittsburgh Steelers 2016 Rookie Minicamp: Day 2 recap

The Pittsburgh Steelers 2016 offseason workouts are officially underway. See what went down at the team's practice facility on Day 2.

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

The Pittsburgh Steelers have completed their second day of rookie minicamp, and although news is scarce, other than some background stories on the players in camp, there are certainly some good things happening at the Steelers' Rooney Sports complex on the South Side.

We talked in depth yesterday about the Steelers newest additions and their new numbers, but there are certain numbers which certainly have people wondering how someone could fill such a void left by the previous player. Certainly the first time someone wore the numbers 88, 82, and even 26 people had to scratch their heads and think to themselves, "How could they give out that number?"

When it comes to the newest players wearing a jersey for the Steelers, there is another University of Virginia alumni Canaan Severin who is now wearing No. 83. It seems they just cleared out Heath Miller's locker and there is already someone else moving in. Although it is unlikely there will be a No. 83 on game days in 2016, it is still odd to see someone else wearing a number you have associated with a specific player for over decade.

Take a look at some pictures and videos form Day 2 of Steelers rookie minicamp, which will conclude Sunday.