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Pittsburgh Steelers Day 4 OTAs Recap: Senquez Golson's "soft tissue" injury

The Steelers, and their fans, are excited to see what Senquez Golson can do, and they will have to endure another injury from their 2015 2nd round cornerback.

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The Pittsburgh Steelers returned to work with their second week of OTAs Tuesday after a long Memorial Day break. As OTAs continue, the story lines continue to dwindle as the team gets acclimated to "football in shorts". That isn't to suggest there are no stories coming out of these offseason workouts. Take a look at some of the note worthy topics fans and media are discussing after Day 4 of OTAs.

Senquez Golson's "soft tissue" injury

Yesterday we reported second year cornerback Senquez Golson's MRI was not on his shoulder, but another part of the body. Golson didn't say what area was magnified in the test, but did say it was a "soft tissue" injury. Along with stating the type of injury, he did mention his shoulder was 100-percent, and ready to go. Golson talked about missing a "couple days" of OTAs before returning to the workouts.

Although it is impossible for anyone outside the Steelers organization to know what is truly going on with Golson's mysterious injury which required an MRI, the fact he is even talking about returning to OTAs should provide a sigh of relief for fans everywhere.

New father Landry Jones working off little sleep

As most found out last week, Landry Jones is a new father. In fact, he and Ben Roethlisberger both welcomed sons on the same day. Jones is starting to feel the impact of having a new life to care for around the house.

"I got a couple hours of sleep," Jones told Jason Mackey of "It wasn't too bad. Kind of reminded me of college. You don't ever sleep in college."

While most fans are more concerned with Jones' on field play, Jones spoke about wanting to improve off his decent 2015 campaign.

"You draw confidence from past experiences, good or bad," Jones said. "You learn from the mistakes you make and move on. I want to build on last year. The success I had last year, keep building on that."

I will let you fans determine the true definition of the word "success" in that quotation.

Robert Golden not scared of a little competition

Robert Golden is used to not being the center of attention. It has gotten to the point where here at BTSC we had a writer call him "the forgotten captain". Think about that for a second. Golden has been a captain on the Steelers the past two seasons, and no one gives him much credit.

Golden signed a new contract with the team prior to free agency beginning this offseason, and he watched the organization draft a safety in the second round when they selected Sean Davis from Maryland. All this could weigh on the mind of even a veteran, right? Not for Golden.

"It never really mattered to me," Golden told Jason Mackey. "Since I've been here, they've brought in a safety every year. It won't change what I do. It won't change my work habits. I'm going to come out here, compete and continue to get better every day."

Although fans always want to see the new faces of draft picks early in their career, having Golden be a rock in the back half of the secondary could be just what the team needs to succeed in 2016.

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