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Pittsburgh Steelers Friday night five questions and open thread

Another meeting of the minds is about to ensue with our Friday Night 5 questions and open thread.

Michael Cooper/Getty Images

We are one week closer to watching our beloved Steelers play football again, which can mean only one thing, it is time to answer five questions and discuss our favorite NFL team. Again the reminder; this is an open thread where you can bring up any subject of interest except for politics, religion and Kate's anatomy.

So if you have any questions or topics for commentary, please ask away.

With a cheer to Jeff Hartman and our new fleet of writers, state your beverage of choice for the evening.

1. Moans for Jones, how prophetic. After the Steelers win the Super Bowl this season and James Harrison retires with another ring, there is a possibility that unless a contract is reached before Free Agency, that the Steelers will also lose Jarvis Jones. Our cupboard would be relatively bare at the OLB position. What is the most likely outcome for Jarvis Jones, and would you feel comfortable entering the 2017 season with neither player mentioned?

2. I dislike playing the hindsight game but am going to do so for this question. Do you believe the Steelers would have went to the Super Bowl if not for the injuries sustained playing against the Bengals last season?

3. Who are your two favorite all-time, non-Steelers' players, one for offense, one for defense?

4. What is your favorite thing to do on a Sunday since you aren't watching NFL football?

5. With the passing of Muhammed Ali, how do you feel about the man and his career?