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Pittsburgh Steelers Mandatory Minicamp Day 1 Recap: James Harrison not ruling out playing beyond 2016

The Pittsburgh Steelers have gotten more than enough from OLB James Harrison in his time in the Steel City, but while he has only one year left on his current contract he hinted 2016 might not be ready to retire as most assume.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Pittsburgh Steelers just wrapped up their voluntary Organized Team Activities (OTAs) last week, and have officially begun their mandatory minicamp. While the rest of the Steel City prepares for the Penguins parade, the Steelers are preparing for the 2016 NFL season.

Thanks to wide receiver Antonio Brown, here is your schedule for the week:

Time to see what went down at the UPMC Rooney Practice Facility on the South Side Tuesday.

Deebo not done after 2016?

I guess it was only a matter of time until the thought of James Harrison never retiring crossed our minds. After being pulled out of retirement in 2014 when Jarvis Jones broke his wrist, Harrison has toyed with the media on more than one occasion regarding his future with the Steelers, and the NFL.

Harrison spoke about not being certain of his 2016 return, although still under contract, only to triumphantly announce he is back on his Instagram page. Now, with minicamp forcing Harrison in front of the microphones, when asked about whether this was his last season or not, his answer was very grey.

"I'm not ready to say anything." Harrison said. He would later say he feels as good as he did in 2008, when he was named defensive player of the year. Jarvis Jones might be the official starter on the team's depth chart, but the ROLB position is Harrison's until the day he hangs up the cleats...whenever that might be.

Going for 2...all the time

No team went for the two-point conversion more than the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2015. With the extra point being pushed back, the Steelers saw it as an opportunity to put more distance between them and their opponent by completing two point conversions at a ridiculous clip.

Roethlisberger was asked about going for two in 2016, and he spoke openly about wanting to do it after every touchdown. When prodded about who's idea it was, he suggested it belonged to head coach Mike Tomlin.

Tomlin has become a very aggressive coach in recent years, and he trusts his players to make plays. I don't think it would shock anyone to see the Steelers go for the two-point conversion often in 2016, even more than last season, unless the situation dictated it wasn't necessary.

Hear more from Roethlisberger below:

The locked up Ferrari

During Roethlisberger's media session, he spoke about Ladarius Green and what he could mean to the Steelers' offense in 2016.

According to's Jason Mackey, Roethlisberger compared Green to, "a brand-new Ferrari in the impound lot that I'm just looking through the fence at."

Green has been at all of Pittsburgh's offseason workouts, but due to offseason ankle surgery has been held out of any actual football drills. Green has been picking Roethlisberger's brain every chance he can, but the two have to be itching to get on the field together. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like that will happen until the boys head to St. Vincent College for training camp, at the earliest.

Big Ben wanted Weddle

Just when you thought the Eric Weddle talk was over and done with, Ben Roethlisberger dug it up again. When it came to the 'Weddle-to-Pittsburgh' fan club, Roethlisberger might have been a card carrying member, according to Jason Mackey.

Ah yes, the enemy. You know, that team who wears purple and black -- the Baltimore Ravens. Roethlisberger's attempt to get Weddle into a black and gold uniform failed, and Weddle certainly had to think about joining a team with as much promise as the Steelers. However, now Weddle will find himself on the opposite side of the field where Roethlisberger will look to pick him, and the rest of the Ravens' defense, apart at least twice a year.


The Steelers resume their mandatory minicamp Wednesday. For a full schedule, just see Antonio Brown's tweet above.