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Steelers 1934 "Bumblebee" throwback uniforms will be worn in Week 5 vs. the Jets in 2016

The Bumblebees are returning to Heinz Field. Week 5 vs. the New York Jets is when the invasion occurs.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

As I'm sure the majority of Pittsburgh Steelers fans were wondering if the team would wear their 1934 throwback uniforms in 2016, the answer is 'Yes'. The "bumblebee" uniforms will be donned in Week 5 of the 2016 season when the New York Jets travel to Heinz Field.

The Steelers have had mixed results wearing the throwback uniforms, most recently losing to the Cincinnati Bengals in 2015. However, the team has had a winning record when wearing these alternate uniforms. First worn in 2012, the Steelers have gone 3-2 since they introduced the new uniforms.

Despite the majority of fans across the NFL thinking the stripes combined with the brown paints are hideous, the Steelers players don't mind them as much.

"I love representing the tradition and the history. I wish we could wear all of our throwback jerseys. It pays tribute to them and it’s kind of cool to see what we would have looked like back then." Cameron Heyward told

Antonio Brown added, "I love it. You have to love it. It's something special that the 1934 team wore it. You have to appreciate the value of what a Steelers uniform means. It's not about the look; it's all about the tradition and the history behind it. It's something special. It's unique and I think it's going to be something great."

The Steelers are hoping the "bumblebees" bring them another victory against the Jets in 2016.