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Pittsburgh Steelers Friday night five questions and open thread

Another meeting of the Steelres minds in the weekly Friday Night 5 questions and open thread.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Congratulations everyone for making it through another week, which can mean only one thing, it is time for your Friday night five questions. This is an open thread so feel free to bring up any topics that are of interest, except for politics, religion, and Kate floating weightlessly in a bikini.

With a hearty cheer for the Pittsburgh Steelers, please state your beverage of choice for the evening.

1. Can we agree that the Steelers secondary will be successful when William Gay isn't starting on the outside and moves back to the position he is best, which is playing inside as the Nickle; if so, when do you see this happening?

2. It is reported the Steelers are in contract negotiation with David DeCastro. Besides David, which other players do you see the Steelers negotiating with before the season starts, if any?

3. I have noticed that different alcohols give me different buzzes, do you experience the same? And please elaborate. If you haven't noticed this phenomena, then tell us your favorite alcoholic beverage and why.

4. Realizing that it is speculation at this point but can Sammie Coates come close to matching Martavis Bryant's production of last season? Include yardage and touchdowns in your answer.

5. And for an easy finish, what is your favorite television show of all-time?

An aside for the grammar gurus among us, was I correct to use weightlessly in the opening paragraph or should it have been weightless?