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In the past three seasons, no team has traveled less than the Pittsburgh Steelers

Some say the Pittsburgh Steelers have it easy, and when it comes to the amount of travel they have to endure...they have it VERY easy.

Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports

The 2015 NFL season was rough on the Pittsburgh Steelers. Not just because they had the most difficult strength of schedule prior to the start of the season, but also because of the miles they had to travel. While paired with the NFC and AFC West, Pittsburgh had trips to Kansas City, Seattle, San Diego and St. Louis. A grand total of 13,326 miles.

While most fans will read that and think, "Wow, that is a lot." When comparing to the rest of the NFL it is a fairly average margin when an east coast team has to travel out west for more than one game. Teams on the west coast have to travel over 20,000 miles almost yearly, as the majority of teams still reside on the eastern half of the United States.

When looking at the data from the past three seasons, the Steelers have had it easy. In fact, they have traveled the least amount of miles of any NFL team over the past three seasons (including the distance to be traveled in the 2016 season).

For any fan of the Steelers, this is when you typically hear the comments from other fans suggesting the Steelers get some sort of preferential treatment. However, ask any Steelers fan and they will tell you Pittsburgh is the last team Roger Goodell would look after in any way, shape or form.

The Steelers get extremely lucky in 2016. As they are paired with the AFC East and NFC East, as well as matched up with Kansas City, the furthest teams away from Pittsburgh on the schedule will be traveling to Heinz Field -- Dallas Cowboys and Kansas City Chiefs. When all is said and done, the Steelers will travel a measley 5,138 miles in 2016, the least of all 32 NFL teams.

Compare the 5,138 miles for the Steelers to the Oakland Raiders, who will be traveling over 31 thousand miles next season, there is no way Pittsburgh can use travel as an excuse for any type of poor play or adversity.