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Pittsburgh Steelers Friday night five question and open thread

Made it through another week, that can only mean one thing; we are one week closer to another Steelers' Super Bowl victory! Plus, it is time for the Friday night questions and open thread.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Cheers was a popular answer last week, I like to think, in a Pittsburgh sort of way, that we can create the type of atmosphere on that show, in the commentary section of this weekly article. I appreciate the repeat users, and the people who are getting to know each other better, but with the large amount of viewers this post has, I hope for more involvement in the discussions. Join us.

With a hearty cheer to Jim Brown, state your beverage of choice for the evening.

1. I couldn't disagree more with the users who seem to think Ben is the Steelers most eternal player. Let's ask the question in a slightly different way. You have all the Steeler's players present and future at your disposal, who is your first pick, and explain why? Mock drafts between users is encouraged, but you can only use Steelers.

2. Shaun Suisham retired from the NFL today. What is your favorite "Sushi" memory from his time in Pittsburgh?

3. I hate these questions, and didn't answer them when Neal had it as a weekly feature, with that said; what player from another team do you think would complete this season's, Steelers team? Or maybe like me, you think it already is complete or near enough to it to win the Super Bowl.

4. Troy Polamalu or Mel Blount, before the Blount rule change, who are you drafting? Elaborate, please.

5. And finally an easy question, are you happy the city of Cleveland finally won a Championship?

To our Grammar Guru's, should I have used lie or lay in the opening remark? I wasn't sure, but I wanted everyone to know they can "lie" in their responses, this is an open thread after all.

Go Steelers!