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Pittsburgh Steelers kicker Chris Boswell takes to Twitter to thank Shaun Suisham

The Pittsburgh Steelers current kicker thanks the man who occupied the job before him for all he has done throughout his short NFL career.

Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

There are some days in the NFL which make you scratch your head and wonder what it must be like to be a player involved in the every-changing NFL landscape. For the Pittsburgh Steelers, they had the tough decision to release kicker Shaun Suisham when he failed a physical, due to tearing his ACL in a preseason game in 2015.

It wasn't long after news broke of Suisham's release when Suisham announced his retirement from the NFL. Stating his knee was too injured to possibly return to the field, Suisham now sails off into the proverbial sunset with a solid career now in the rear view mirror.

However, despite his career being over, it doesn't mean current kicker Chris Boswell doesn't appreciate all Suisham did for him, both on and off the field. Boswell took to Twitter to thank Suisham for everything.

There really isn't anything else which needs to be said, in regards to how Suisham has assisted Boswell in becoming a solid NFL kicker, and member of the Pittsburgh Steelers organization. While most fans might not think twice about Suisham, from an on the field standpoint, it shouldn't be forgotten how Suisham resurrected his career in the Steel City and became one of the most accurate kickers in consecutive years.

A fluke injury ended his career, but it won't stop his legacy from growing. As long as Boswell kicks for the Steelers, and is successful, a part of Suisham will certainly remain within the organization.