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Steelers OLB James Harrison fires back via social media regarding the news of NFL PED investigation

James Harrison isn't one to bite his tongue, and he certainly isn't holding back in regards to the news of the NFL investigation into a recanted report on PED use midway through the 2015 season.

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Follow the Pittsburgh Steelers outside linebacker on social media for any amount of time, and you know he doesn't mince words. He doesn't hold back with his opinions on parenting, working out and especially when the NFL wants to investigate a recanted report which had the names of Harrison, Peyton Manning, Clay Matthews and Julius Peppers all as members potentially connected to Performance Enhancing Drug (PED) use.

Yesterday, Harrison't agent chimed in regarding the situation, but Sunday evening Harrison took to Instagram to show documents both from the NFL and NFLPA regarding the matter. See what Harrison had to say via social media, and as you can guess...he isn't happy.

This situation is far from over, but the battle between Harrison, and the NFLPA, vs. the NFL could be a long, drawn out battle leading into training camp.

"The @NFLPA requested from the @NFL any additional evidence...the NFL did not provide any such evidence." - NFLPA

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@nflcommish @nfl When you say "jump," I don't ask how high...I ask "Why?"

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Hey @NFLPA, maybe the @NFL considers this "additional, credible evidence."

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