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Steelers kicker Chris Boswell plays social media prank on teammate Sammie Coates

NFL players love their privacy, until one of their teammates decides to take said privacy and throw it out the window on social media.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

When you watch, or hear, an interview with Pittsburgh Steelers kicker Chris Boswell, you see a very quiet young man from Texas. Apparently, his quiet demeanor should not be overlooked as Boswell has become quite the prankster with his teammates. Whether it was his Twitter "feud" with DeAngelo Williams, or his most recent escapade with Sammie Coates...Boswell seems to be a player who you should never turn your back on.

In the NFL, players enjoy their privacy. When you get drafted, especially in a place like Pittsburgh, you immediately get put under a microscope. A trip to Target isn't so routine anymore as fans will recognize you and want to get pictures and autographs. It isn't as if the players aren't appreciative of the support, but you can imagine how such a task could become tiresome after time.

So, when Boswell took to social media Saturday night and posted Sammie Coates' whereabouts, you can imagine Coates' response.

Any privacy Coates had for the evening, well judging by the retweets and likes on the tweet might have been blown. But was Coates really at Bar Louie? His response says it all.

Chris Boswell might be the quiet guy in interviews, but it seems as if he is anything but that when the locker room door closes and he is with his teammates.